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April 22, 2019  | Subscribers Only

Christopher Morris Christopher Morris Senior Research Analyst, Embedded Processors
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Gain a competitive understanding of the entire microcontroller ecosystem.

Microcontroller (MCU) processors underpin a number of today’s technology paradigm shifts, from IoT, sensor fusion, distributed intelligence and energy management to wearable technologies, secure communications, building/industrial automation and autonomous driving. In terms of unit volume, the MCU market is nearly three times the size of all other processor markets combined, offering enormous opportunity.

Whether you design, manufacture or distribute MCUs, the IP at their core, the tools to design them, or the software that gives them purpose, you need market intelligence you can trust.

The Microcontroller Market Tracker delivers quarterly guidance on this extremely valuable and competitive market. You get detailed historical, current and five-year forecast MCU revenue data by bit-class, vertical market and major world regions. You also receive a thorough view of the competitive landscape with supplier market shares by bit-class, market and region, as well as top-ranked MCU revenue by core IP. Unlike other market reports, our market tracker breaks down MCU market revenues by functional design, I/O characteristics, environmental operations, frequency, integrated memory, process node and multicore. In addition, our analysts include analysis of MCU application/design trends and the competitive landscape.

Key issues addressed:

  • What are the top MCU markets by market size? By growth opportunity?
  • Who are the application market leaders?
  • What is a core IP ecosystem, and why is it important?
  • Where can I locate MCU vendors and the kind of products they sell?
  • How can I evaluate what regions to target for my 8-bit wireless MCU?
  • Are all MCUs migrating to 32-bit? Why or why not?
  • What are the top MCU design features?
  • Where do MCUs compete with other System-on-Chips? Who’s winning?

Reflects actuals through H1 2019, forecast through 2023
Most Recent November 11, 2019
Reflects actual through H2 2018, forecast through 2023
April 22, 2019
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Reflects actuals through H1 2018, forecast through 2022
January 24, 2019
Reflects actuals through H2 2017, forecast through 2022
January 03, 2019

Christopher Morris

Senior Research Analyst, Embedded Processors

Christopher (Chris) Morris is a senior research analyst for the embedded processor markets at IHS Markit, with a focus on microcontrollers in the telecommunications, automotive, consumer, and industrial markets. His work also covers microprocessors, signal processors, application-specific processors, configurable logic processors, and system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

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