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November 05, 2019  | Subscribers Only

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The industrial semiconductors market was worth $52.2 billion in 2018, or 10.8% of the overall semiconductor market. Industrial electronics spans a variety of application fields comprising manufacturing and process automation, test and measurement, medical electronics, building and home control, power & energy, and military & civil aerospace. Industrial electronics is a large fragmented market with more than 120 semiconductor suppliers reporting industrial sales greater than $30 million; 68 companies earned more than $100 million from this segment in 2018. It is an exciting market since it typically provides higher margins than other semiconductor applications.  The mid- to long-term demand for industrial electronics is expected to remain high, and industrial semiconductors are expected to increase their share of the overall market over the next five years.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the fastest growing segments?
  • What are the key trends and regulations driving the market?
  • Who are the suppliers and buyers of semiconductors for industrial electronics?
  • Where are industrial electronics devices designed?
  • How has industrial been affected by current market conditions?
  • What are the opportunities for fast growing markets e.g. smart meters and LED general lighting?

Applicable To

  • Semiconductor companies
  • Purchasing departments at system companies, e.g. for medical devices, defense and aerospace, energy, automation 
  • EMS and ODMs
  • Semiconductor foundries

Noman Akhtar

Analyst, Industrial Semiconductors and Sensors

Noman Akhtar, a research analyst at Omdia, focuses on the industrial market dynamics of semiconductors and sensor.

Paul Pickering

Senior Analyst, Industrial Semiconductors

Paul Pickering is the lead analyst of the industrial semiconductor team at Omdia.

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