Digital Console Storefront Strategy and Game Pricing: Q3 2018

December 07, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Steve Bailey Steve Bailey Principal Senior Analyst, Games
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As with Q2, Q3 sees many hundreds of games getting discounted for digital retail on PS4, Xbox One and Switch, affirming how much of a norm this kind of promotional activity has become for consoles. We look at the discount patterns for FIFA 18, and detail the sales behaviour of Focus Home Interactive, a publisher that has partly attributed record performance to its intenstive use of digital discounting on PC and consoles.

We take a look at how discounting can affect which games enter the most-downloaded charts on US PSN, plus breakout a fuller story behind the unprecedented number of games being released for Nintendo's Switch.


  • A summer of extreme discounting for FIFA 18, across all console digital stores, as FIFA 19's launch looms
  • Pricing for OnRush and Monster Hunter World show how discounting differs based on whether or not a game hits sales expectations
  • Focus Home Interactive averages discounts of 60-70% across numerous stores, beating Ubisoft for average discount extent

In this report:

  • Introduction and notes
  • olume of discounting activity, by store
  • Value of discounting activity, by store
  • EA's FIFA franchise: A story of continuous discounting
  • Discounting activity by major publisher: Ubisoft
  • Discounting activity by minor publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Title data: OnRush, Monster Hunter World, and most-discounted titles
  • How does digital discounting relate to the most-downloaded games?
  • Games by price range, USA stores, as of end Sep 2018

List of tables and charts:

  • Average number of game discounts per day, all publishers
  • Number of publishers offering discounts, per month, per store
  • Duration of sales lines, for PS4 stores across Q3 2018
  • Highest single discounts, per store, per month
  • Average game-discount amount (absolute value)
  • Average game-discount amount (relative value)
  • Weekly average pricing, FIFA 19
  • Weekly average pricing, FIFA 18, US PS4 and Xbox One
  • Weekly average pricing, FIFA 18, Nintendo stores
  • Volume of discounted Ubisoft games, by store, by day
  • Average size of Ubisoft game discount, by day
  • Ubisoft's most-often discounted games
  • Volume of discounted Focus Home games, by store, by day
  • Average size of Focus Home game discount, by day
  • Focus Home's most-often discounted games
  • Games discounted for greatest duration, all stores
  • Greatest discount events, USA stores
  • OnRush: Weekly average pricing
  • Monster Hunter World: Weekly average pricing
  • Discounts versus most downloaded: PSN, July 2018
  • Discounts versus most downloaded: PSN, August 2018
  • Discounts versus most downloaded: PSN, September 2018
  • Wekly release volumes for Switch
  • Games available on US digital stores, by price range, by format
  • Games available digitally for Nintendo Switch, by price range

Number of pages: 12

Number of tables and charts: 25



Steve Bailey

Principal Senior Analyst, Games

Steve Bailey is a principal senior analyst for Games at Omdia.

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