In the decade or so since YouTube's launch, numerous competitors have swarmed to the free-to-view online video sector including Facebook and Amazon's Twitch in an attempt to draw audiences away from the worlds largest online video platform. Furthermore, content monetisation has evolved considerably and Google is attempting to both pursue these new revenue channels as well as keep its prolific content creators loyal to the YouTube platform by providing a host of new monetisation options.

One of YouTube's main expansions was the launch of the YouTube Premium subscription (formerly known as YouTube Red) in 12 new markets in June 2018, including the UK, France, Germany, Russia and Canada. Other new options include monetised, individual YouTube channel subscriptions and an integrated retail store in conjunction with the custom merchandise platform, Teespring.


  • YouTube has introduced a number of measures to improve platform monetisation in order to retain talent and, by extention, audiences.
  • YouTube Premium has launched in 12 new countries globally, roughly doubling its addressable audience for paid services.
  • Music has been built into the core of this offering as one of YouTube's key content verticals, putting it in competition with more than just video providers.
  • YouTube Premium video subscriptions are forecast to generate only a fraction of YouTube's overall advertising revenue over the next 5 years.

In this report:

  • Analysis of the challenges to each of YouTube's core content verticals
  • Details of YouTube's strategy for retaining content creators and audiences through the platform's new options
  • Analysis of YouTube's position against competitors in both online video and online music
  • Analysis and forecasts for YouTube Premium in its current and new markets

List of tables and charts:

  • YouTube advertising video revenue by country and year
  • YouTube Premium launch dates by region
  • YouTube Premium Video subscribers in 2022 by country/region
  • YouTube Premium revenue by region and year

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Max Signorelli is a research analyst for the Media & Entertainment team at Omdia.

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