Turkish OTT subscriptions go bundled amid economic turmoil

September 05, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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Turkey's current economic downturn has drawn the vast majoirty of paid online video consumers to cheap OTT subscription packages provided by the main local operators, leaving international and more expensive providers such as Netflix unable to readily expand their operations.

These cheap packages are composed primarily of bundled virtual pay TV packages from the nation's dominant telcos; Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vodafone. Already low package pricing reduced further by operator promotions coupled with 12 to 24 month contract periods have drawn in and maintained vast subscriber bases to these services.

Such an economic climate may provide opportunities in the future however as the value of international players' dollars increase and local companies start opening up to partnerships with players such as Netflix.


  • Price has become a key limiting factor for all OTT services in Turkey and as such, free-to-view outlets such as YouTube and local provider PuhuTV and low cost packages have proven the most popular.
  • Bundled virtual pay TV subscriptions outweighed the rest of Turkey's non-multiscreen market by almost 4:1 in 2017
  • Despite localisation efforts in 2016, Netflix has not managed to attract a vast subscriber base compared to local competition and holds just 5% of 2017 subscriber market share
  • The extremely low cost of some of these services has reduced 2017 annual ARPU as low as $14, with the market average sitting at just over $20

In this report:

  • How Turkey's economy affects consumers affinity for and operators ability to produce content key content
  • Analysis of each key Turkish OTT subscription video provider and their strategies to date
  • Analysis of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video's position and outlook in the Turkish online video market
  • How international providers may capitalise on the current economic situation to invest in Turkish content

Lists of tables and charts:

  • 2017 OTT subscriptions by country, sector and type
  • Turkish CPI and USD exchange rate by year
  • Turkcell and Türk Telecom OTT subscribers by type and year
  • 2017 Non-multiscreen annual ARPU by company
  • Turkish subscription OTT market 2017 subscriber share by company
  • Turkish subscription OTT market 2017 revenue share by company 

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