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Microsoft announces All Access subscription system for purchasing Xbox One

August 30, 2018

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Microsoft has detailed the Xbox All Access subscription, which bundles a console plus access to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass services into a single monthly fee. The offer is only available from Microsoft Stores in America, and requires the credit line of a Dell Preferred Account. There are two packages available, one offering an Xbox One S ($21.99 per month) and an Xbox One X ($34.99), with both running for a period of two years at 0% APR.

This notion of selling consoles through subscription isn’t new. Consoles have been available via financing through numerous retailers and have also been bundled in with mobile phone subscriptions, over the years. Indeed, back in 2012, Xbox itself launched a subscription deal, once again exclusively through its own stores in the US: Customers could buy an Xbox 360 plus Kinect at a greatly reduced price of $99, provided it was accompanied by a two-year commitment of Xbox Live Gold subscription.

What’s new to this bundling is the addition of Game Pass, which rounds out the proposition with a raft of games (including first-party titles launched day & date into the service), making it feel more complete – and hence attractive – while also standing out against the competition. While the US is easily Microsoft's biggest Xbox market, restricting this offer to its own stores and only in the US limits the potential of the offer, but its low upfront cost does fit well with the appetites of late-stage, mainstream console adopters.

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