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Identity and access management shares for 2016 and competitive environment

May 18, 2018

Don Tait Don Tait Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity & Digital ID

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Following is insight from IHS Markit on the latest market shares for the world access management (AM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) markets. 


  • The top 10 access management companies accounted for 38.8% of total global revenues in 2016. In contrast, the top 10 identitity governance and administration companies accounted for 45.8% of total global revenues in 2016.
  • Compared to the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market ($2.7 billion in 2016), the access management is larger by revenues ($5.5 billion in 2016) and by the number of companies that supply solutions.
  • There is a much lower cost per user for access management solutions compared to identity governance and administration solutions.
  • In no particular order, the top three access management companies in terms of revenues in 2016 were RSA, IBM and Gemalto. Whilst the leading companies in identity governance and administration were RSA, IBM and SAP.

Our analysis

In the last few years, there have been many companies entering the access management market. There have been many start-ups. IHS Markit believes that over the next few years, there will be significant consolidation and many companies will disappear. This will especially be the case as more and more companies move to a cloud model. Currently, it is difficult for end-users and customers to work out what products and solutions are out there. It is a confusing market.

The level of consolidation or fragmentation within the access management market varies depending on which vertical market is being analyzed. In the enterprise space, there is lots of fragmentation. The healthcare sector is quite consolidated in terms of the suppliers playing in this space. Finance and banking has the same players, even in newer technology areas like AI and risk assessment. Some companies have partnered with newer AI companies, rather than build our own technology in this space. Within the user authentication space alone, there are well over 50 vendors. IHS Markit believes there are too many vendors in this space, and over the next few years, there will be consolidation.

Vendors of IGA solutions can have solutions that are focused on particular vertical markets. For example, companies that have a notable presence in the education sector with their IGA solutions include:

  • Aegis Identity Software, Core Security, Fischer International, Hitachi ID Systems, IBM, Identity Automation, Micro Focus, Oracle and Sailpoint.

Whilst companies that have a notable presence in the healthcare sector with their IGA solutions include:

  • Atos (Evidian), Avatier, Caradigm, Core Security, Hitachi ID Systems, Micro Focus, Oracle, Sailpoint and Saviynt.

Some of the mergers and acquisitions that have occurred in the identity and access management space over the last couple of years are summarized below:

  • Clearlogin acquired by Evolve IP (October 2017).
  • Caradigm announced the sale of its identity and access management business to Imprivata (October 2017).
  • Google acquired IDaaS company Bitium (September 2017).
  • SecureAuth and Core Security announced merger plans (September 2017).
  • LogMeIn acquired Israeli AI startup Nanorep (August 2017).
  • Covisint was acquired for $103 million by data management vendor OpenText (June 2017).
  • Okta acquired Stormpath (March 2017).
  • OneLogin acquired sphere Secure Workplace Inc. (November 2016).
  • Ping Identity acquired UnboundID (August 2016).
  • Ping Identity was acquired by Vista Equity Partners (June 2016).

Research synopsis

The two-volume Cybersecurity Identity & Access Management Report provides coverage in several key areas of the Identity and Access management market, including access management and identity governance and administration. Given the complexity of cybersecurity threats and the diversity of the market for cyber solutions, IHS Markit provides this detailed analysis of individual vertical markets from market specific operating models to key trends and development opportunities providing for the first time an analysis of where the future revenues from identity management will arise. The report also provides competitive environment analysis and market shares on a regional basis. It provides a clear and concise outlook on the market giving vendors and other industry stakeholders crucial insight into the opportunities and dynamics of the market over the forecast period.

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