Video as a core service for operators

April 23, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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This report analyses how telecoms operators are positioning video as a core service to maintain their market position and drivie future growth. Covering the 50 leading global operators this report provides case studies and best practices for video success.


  • Telcos role in the TV market, and the role of video for telcos
  • Defining video as a core service
  • Executing telco video strategies
  • Recipes for telco video success

 In this rerport:

  • Telco TV case studies
  • Telco video content investment analysis 

List of tables and charts:

  • Video share of network traffic
  • Global pay TV subscriptions by platform
  • Video subscriptions by platform for 50 leading operators
  • TV share of telco RGUs
  • Top 50 telco video providers by region
  • Video revenues and subscriptions by operator
  • Digital and IPTV ARPU
  • Telco video subscription market share
  • Telco video revenue market share
  • IPTV as % of broadband subscribers and ARPU
  • SWOT analysis: bundling
  • France pay TV subscriptions and ARPU by platform
  • China Telecom: RGUs and video market share
  • European telco investment in video content
  • SWOT analysis: content disruption
  • Sky and BT sports programming spend per TV subscriber
  • Sky and BT sports programming spend per RGU
  • Bundlen online video users by type
  • KT IPTV and bundled LTE-B users
  • SWOT analysis: Multisource aggregation and partnerships
  • Operator Netflix partner ARPU
  • Pay TV OTT lite subscriptions
  • SWOT analysis: TV unbundling and international expansion
  • Claro video subscriptions market share
  • AT&T US RGUs
  • PCCW TV and video subscriptions

Number of Pages: 33

Number of Tables and Charts: 28 

David Scott

Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms

Mr. David Scott, associate director of research and analysis at IHS Markit, specializes in the media markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

Daniel Stevenson Sutton

Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms

Mr. Daniel Sutton, senior research analyst at IHS Markit, covers the television industry and Sub-Saharan African television markets.

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