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Pickle TV, Orange France starting short form video service

January 10, 2018

Tom Morrod Tom Morrod Research Director | Consumer, Displays, Media, Security & Telecoms

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Orange France has launched a new video offer for its TV and mobile customers (Orange and Sosh).  The new Pickle TV service is an aggregator of aggregator channels.

The service costs €4.99 by month and will give access to nine channels and on demand services. Orange is providing one month free for any existing Orange clients and six months free for OPEN plan subscribers.

The service is available on the Orange box (TV), the Orange website and via the Orange TV mobile app.

Our analysis

The package is split into three tiers: The first includes four short series/reportage on demand services; the second consists of three linear and on demand gaming channels; the last one features two music channels. Most of the channels provided by Pickle TV have not been available on my mobile or on demand service before.

  • Studio+ is a success short form series service. Price is €3.99 by month
  • Spicee is reportage/documentaries on demand service. Price is €9.90/m or €96/y (or half price for -25y)
  • ES1, first fully e-sport channel in France starting the same day and is only available on Pickle TV. For the e-sport fan, it is a good news even if YouTube and Twitch are already present in the market with multiple feeds. Youtube is free and Twitch is only accessible for Amazon Prime subscribers (€5.99/month or €49/y)
  • Golden Stories unify all the Golden Moustaches shows in an on demand service (they are also available for free on
  • Game One, Clubbing TV, OKLM TV are linear channels
  • Manga One by Game One and South Park are new on demand manga/cartoon channels
Orange is giving six months free access to their premium plan OPEN subscribers - OPEN is a quadruple play plan (Internet, TV, Landline, and Mobile). Clients already paying the most are the one willing to pay this extra €5 and it is a way to increase the ARPU for Orange.

The bundle is oriented for youth, on the go and connected people. However, not having a separate application for Pickle TV will probably give a more difficult access to the content for subscribers.

In the crowed online service world, the offer aims to help the leading operator Orange to keep their clients in the short form content. OCS complete the model for the long (normal) series.

IHS Markit estimate that the offer is drive by Studio+ (from Vivendi). Studio+ is enhance by Pickle TV to offer the service with music, documentaries, cartoons and gaming.

Vivendi funds original made-for-mobile series under Studio Plus banner

Vivendi is challenging existing attitude to mobile video services with Studio+, now available in France

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