IBC 2017 Recap:A harbinger of massive industry change

December 12, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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IBC 2017 was ostensibly dominated by a host of Android TV, voice control, analytics, and cloud DVR-related announcements. In actuality, virtually every announcement trumpeted at the show can be traced to a single, inexorable market reality. The Web Giants have indelibly made their mark on the video technology industry. In light of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix's influence on service provider and video technology markets, the International Broadcasting Convention has become a misnomer. Henceforth, IBC will shed at an ever-increasing rate the mantle of its broadcast roots, and will gravitate toward streaming, IT, cloud, and OTT-centric applications.


  • Android TV is pulling at the thread of traditional, set-top software business models
  • As Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix jockey for market influence, voice control is fast becoming a beachhead
  • Incumbent video technology firms are scrambling to jump aboard the analytics bandwagon
  • Set-top connectivity has generated yet another point of market-entry for the Web Giants: the service provider network
  • Cloud agnosticism is the industry's new dogma

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Merrick Kingston

Associate Director, Research & Analysis, Digital Media & Video Technology

Mr. Merrick Kingston is an associate director at IHS Markit, and engages in a broad spectrum of digital media and video technology research.

Paul Erickson

Senior Research Analyst, Service Provider Technology

Mr. Paul Erickson, senior analyst at IHS Markit, drives connected device research and a range of topics for the broadband intelligence service.

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