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October 23, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Dinesh Kithany Dinesh Kithany Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply
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Find quarterly data for the fast-growing wireless power market.

Unit shipments for wireless power receivers and transmitters are forecasted to grow to around two billion units shipped in 2022. With the technology already achieving mainstream adoption in the mobile phone market, the scope of its application is expected to follow suit in other applications, such as laptops, very quickly.

The Wireless Power Tracker delivers a full view of all different market applications within a single database, including consumer, medical, industrial, automotive and public deployments. Dedicated market research and interviews with over 50 companies within the industry help shape detailed market forecasts by application, while the consumer survey provides the end-user perspective from a different region quarterly (examples; UK, US, China and South Korea).

Key issues addressed:

  • Which applications offer the greatest volume and revenue opportunities for wireless power?
  • Will low or high frequency systems win out?  And what is the potential for uncoupled, e.g., RF?
  • How highly do consumers rate wireless charging, both before and after experiencing the technology?

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October 23, 2018
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Dinesh Kithany

Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply

Dinesh Kithany is a senior principal analyst working in Smart Building, Home and Cities Technology team at Omdia in the U.K.

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