Smartphone & Tablet Display Cost Model

October 11, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Tadashi Uno Tadashi Uno Senior Analyst
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Understand display panel cost structure and profitability of mainstream sizes and generate custom forecasts.

The Smartphone and Tablet Display Cost Model covers all smartphone and tablet LCD module and cell costs.

Subscribers using the model’s Excel data tables can better understand the panel cost structure and profitability of mainstream sizes. Users can generate forecasts based on various data and assumptions. Standard selections also are prepared in the model, showing many typical smartphone and tablet panel sizes. These easy to work with typical selections allow users to change starting conditions that affect panel costs. 

Parameters, such as component costs, panel prices, panel yield, and fab utilization, can be changed to reflect users' actual panel conditions. Other attractive points covered include technology (a-Si, LTPS, or oxide) differentiation, mask step number change, and specification changes for polarizers and driver ICs.

The model provides an authoritative resource for brand manufacturers, OEMs/ODMs, FPD and materials/components procurement teams, FPD panel suppliers, materials/components procurement and panel development teams, as well as the investment community.

Key issues addressed:

  • What are the latest panel costs and profit margin trends?
  • Which fab generation is better for lowering panel costs?
  • What are the estimated panel cost forecasts for buyers?
  • Where can I find reliable, typical first-tier panel costs and component breakdowns?
  • Which applications and panel sizes are most profitable?

Tadashi Uno

Senior Analyst

Tadashi Uno is a Senior Analyst within Omdia. He joined in November 2014, when Omdia acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market. At DisplaySearch, he served as director of materials and components.

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