Safe Cities Report - 2018

November 30, 2018  | Subscribers Only

Thomas Lynch Thomas Lynch Executive Director, Security Technology.
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This is the fourth edition of an IHS Markit study on the Safe City market. IHS Markit defines ‘Safe City’ as a security concept that integrates critical security information from a range of sources onto a consolidated IT platform. As a result, the Safe City concept promotes interoperability between law enforcement, traffic and other agencies by taking a multiagency approach to emergency response.

Although the market is still relatively new, it is growing rapidly as cities seek to leverage video surveillance and critical communications infrastructure by coupling these systems with advanced integration software. With the emergence of sensors, predictive analytics and enhanced connectivity, the ability to achieve complete situational awareness has reached new levels, and cities seek to benefit from this.

The report provides global insight into the safe city concept and its opportunities for technology vendors, systems integrators and consultancies. Additionally, it examines safe city architecture and requirements as well as successful use cases on a regional basis. Over 1,500 cities have been assessed using various indicators from the IHS Markit Economics and Country Risk team to provide perspective on the markets with the highest safe city potential.

Thomas Lynch

Executive Director, Security Technology.

Thomas Lynch is the Executive Director for Security Technology at IHS Markit. Thomas and his team focus across video surveillance equipment, safe cities, public safety, future communications technologies such as LTE, command & control and Cybersecurity in addition to Fintech and Blockchain research.

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