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October 03, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Dinesh Kithany Dinesh Kithany Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply
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This report highlights the emerging market trends within the home appliance industry, looking across appliance types, electronic components and connectivity and other technology segments as witnessed during IFA 2017 Trade Show held in Berlin, Germany between September 1 - 6 2017. 
This report presentation addresses:
1. IFA Trade Show 2017 – Overall summary
2. IHS Markit’s 12 Key takeaways on trends across home appliance and allied markets 
More information and analysis of the each of above key takeaways/trends is presented in the report.
3. IHS Markit’s 6 Key takeaways for appliance companies 
IFA 2017 – Overall summary (details in the full report)
1. Appliances move to “Generation Next”; becoming mainstream with digital technology
2. Voice-recognition technology took the centre-stage at IFA 2017, driving connectivity, which is becoming a standard
3. Innovations seen across different areas but as a step change—we need to leap forward
4. Appliances are getting more “personalised” as attention was paid to optionally provide customised features/programs, look and feel of an appliance and overall design matching household/personal needs and lifestyle
5. Market is expect to witness more consolidation - M&A, strategic joint-ventures, partnerships within and outside traditional supply-chain—relevant within technology sector and small home appliance segments
6. Robotic technology is also gaining attention among appliance makers
7. To conclude, overall home appliance market outlook looks positive, backed by few strong market drivers
This report also includes pictorial illustrations and examples which are representative and not exhaustive list. Be free to contact the industry analyst if you want to discuss the trends in more details and if you need more examples on points highlighted in the full report. Please note the resolution of picture illustrations shown in the report have been reduced into to optimise the size of the file. Better images are available on request.
Please send you feedback on the report to us to understand the value and also to improvise in future, making it more valuable.

Dinesh Kithany

Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply

Dinesh Kithany is a senior principal analyst working in Smart Building, Home and Cities Technology team at Omdia in the U.K.

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