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China cable reporting methodology UPDATE

October 02, 2017  | Subscribers Only

David Scott David Scott Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms

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IHS Markit has updated its Chinese cable reporting methodology in light of on-the-ground research into the country’s naming convention for operators in each of China’s 23 provinces. The update to our Chinese cable data within our TV and Broadband Media Intelligence Services aligns our coverage of the Chinese TV market with the 70+ markets we cover.

We changed our subscriber reporting for the cable platform in mainland China to ‘by province’ totals in early 2014 in line with the introduction of the Chinese Government’s Next Generation Broadband (NGB) initiative which strived to consolidate all networks up to the provincial level. Following this initiative, an operator for each province emerged. As such, we have updated our naming convention to reflect the ‘provincial operator’ names now in use. Given each provincial operator accounts for the subscribers in their respective province, there is only a change to our names and not subscriber totals. This change allows clients to accurately compare the subscriber totals of China’s cable operators with those of other territories worldwide.

In addition, IHS Markit has updated its Chinese cable, IPTV and satellite TV subscriber figures with results for 2Q 2017. China’s free digital terrestrial television (DTT) and pay TV forecasts to end 2021 have also been updated.

IHS Markit will continue to monitor developments in the Chinese TV landscape and update our clients accordingly to ensure the most accurate reflection of the Chinese TV market as possible.

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