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Hands-free Alexa on Amazon’s new 10-inch tablet

September 29, 2017

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For those consumers struggling to choose between a smart speaker and a tablet, Amazon has a new option, a 10.1-inch Fire tablet with hands-free Alexa on board. Incorporating an IPS, LCD-TFT, 1920 x 1200 display and a MediaTek quad-core (1.8 GHz) processor and a reported 10 hours of battery life, the new tablet is available in a 32GB version for $149.99 US. Users wanting more storage can purchase a 64GB version for an additional $40. The base model is less than half the cost of Apple’s popular 9.7-inch unit, but nearly double the price of Amazon’s 8-inch model.  


Amazon Fire HD 10


MediaTek quad-core (1.8GHz)

Screen Size

10.1 inches


1920 x 1200 (224 ppi)

Display Technology

IPS Technology


2 GB

Battery Life

10 hours

Front Camera

2 Megapixel

Back Camera

5MP (720p HD video recording)

Product Dimensions

10.3 x 6.3 x 0.4 inches (262 x 159 x 9.8mm)



Memory expansion

MicroSD up to 256GB


Hands-free Alexa

Low price

Free unlimited cloud storage (Amazon content)


$150 (32GB); $190 (64GB)


Table 1: The new Amazon Fire HD Tablet

Our Analysis

Capitalizing on the popularity of its Echo smart speakers featuring Alexa, Amazon has introduced its first tablet with a hands-free version of Alexa. The smaller tablets (7- and 8-inch units) also feature Alexa but require users to push the home button to activate that feature. The hands-free option on the new 10-inch model will be delivered via a software update later this year. It is not yet clear whether that upgrade will be available for the smaller units.

Responsive to voice alone, users can command the new tablet to replay a video, order groceries, pause an audiobook, or play music from across the room, just as they would with a smart speaker.  Light, durable, and easy to transport, the new unit can easily move from room to room, from home to office, enabling fans to connect with Alexa wherever they can connect to a wi-fi signal.

The 10.1-inch model offers a faster processor and twice the RAM of its predecessor at a substantial savings from the $230 price of the prior 10-inch version. Its 1920 x 1200, IPS, TFT-LCD display is also a significant upgrade from the older version’s 1280 x 800 resolution version. Heavy video users will benefit from the higher definition display, 224 pixels per inch (PPI), longer battery life, and a 256 GB Micro SD option for those who like to load up on content before hitting the road. Amazon also offers unlimited cloud storage for user’s content and photos.

At just under $150, the unit is competitively priced and the addition of hands-free Alexa, provides stark product differentiation, something that is difficult to achieve in the highly commoditized tablet market. Amazon’s previous 10-inch model accounted for only 3% to 4% of its Fire tablet sales and from component orders it appears Amazon is being cautious on their orders with the new model.  Amazon’s customers have been trained in recent years to expect bargain pricing on the Fire tablets, with most of its customers paying $50 or less for their tablets. Expect those lower cost units to remain dominant but the combination of price cuts and feature enhancements on the 10-inch model provide sufficient enticement to lure a substantial portion of its user base to the larger model. And for those customers trying to decide whether to purchase an Echo speaker or a Fire tablet, there is now an easy solution. With the 10.1-inch model, they can have both in one unit.


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