MEMS Summit - Microphones - 2017

September 25, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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MEMS microphone has been one of the most dynamic markets for MEMS & sensors over the last 10 years. Unlike other sensors which have peaked, the market keeps growing. This market is currently experiencing a number of disruptions though. On the technology side, new concepts are emerging: such as piezo microphones or new designs of capacitive microphones, to increase performance level. More intelligence is also added down to the microphone level. On the application side, new IoT use cases start to generate significant additional new businesses. Alexa Amazon is accelerating the adoption of voice command as a user interface not only for handsets but across all connected devices. On the supply side, some companies are changing business models and climb up the value chain and new comers from China are disrupting the supply. IHS Markit reviews this series of disruptions and their impact on the MEMS market and industry. 

Event: MEMS & Sensors Summit 2017, Grenoble, September 2017

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