PLF Screens Grow by 24% Driven by Global Brands

September 18, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Pablo Carrera Pablo Carrera Principal Research Analyst, Cinema
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The number of digital premium large format (PLF) screens went up by 24% during 2016, reaching 1.7% of the world’s digital screen base - denoting that PLF screens are being deployed more quickly than ordinary digital screens.This report looks at all global and the main exhibitor brands and how are growing in each region. It also touches on the technology that is relevant fo the PLF sector as well as the access to content for global brands.


  • Number of PLF screens grew globally 24% to 2,620 in 2016 but at a slower pace than in 2015
  • China is where global brands are concentrating their expansion plans to take a share of the growing BO and admissions (6 out of 7 global brands have already a presence there)
  • Global brands’ share of the PLF pie continues to grow (it reached 56.7%) totalling 1,487 installations
  • Access to content exclusively formatted or shot will be a key differentiator for end-to-end formats
  • Exhibitor PLF brands are growing in number and attained 1,133 screens in 2016 although 78% of them didn’t build new screens in H2 2016

In this report:

This report looks at the growth of PLF screens on a global and per region basis, including highlights for the main territories. It deals with all global brands, including the two new announced during 2017, and their prospects for expansion. It also gives an overview of what exhibitor brands are growing and in what regions and territories. Finally, it looks at how the latest cinema technology  impacts the development of the PLF sector. 

List of tables and charts:

  • Market share of PLF brands (global and exhibitors) 2016
  • Exhibitor PLF screens by territory 2016
  • Total screens by Exhibitor PLF brand 2016 (top 10)
  • PLF screens by region by type 2016
  • Split of global brand PLF screens built in 2016, by region
  • PLF screens as % of digital screens
  • Total number of Exhibitor PLF screens
  • Total number of digital PLF screens (exhibitor and global branded)

Number of pages: 15

Number of tables and charts: 8

Pablo Carrera

Principal Research Analyst, Cinema

Pablo Carrera is a principal research analyst for Cinema Intelligence at Omdia.

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