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New Apple iPhone gets juiced-up wirelessly

September 13, 2017

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  • Apple finally integrates wireless charging in to the latest iPhone devices
  • iPhone confirmed to be compatible with Qi standard

Our Analysis

Ever since Samsung made the decision to integrate wireless charging in to their flagship Galaxy phone back in 2015, the big question of “what will Apple do?” has been a hot topic of conversation across the entire wireless power industry. Finally, this week, as predicted in the IHS Markit Wireless Power Market Tracker, Apple announced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will all have integrated low-frequency inductive wireless charging technology.  This highly estimated yet long awaited launch from Apple is expected to boost the wireless charging market overall, with total wireless power receiver shipments to exceed 2billion units by 2026.

Like Samsung’s latest flagship devices, all three iPhone devices will support the Wireless Power consortium’s Qi standard.  Over the last few years, one of the major delays for OEMs wanting to introduce wireless charging solutions, particularly in the automotive in-cabin market, is the wait to discover which standard Apple may choose for any wireless-charging-enabled iPhone. Now that Apple has decided to use the Qi standard, transmitter shipments into the in-cabin market will likely surge.

Apple also announced plans to release “AirPower” – a charging system designed to charge multiple Apple products at once (the new iPhone devices, Apple Watch and Apple Airpods). AirPower also works with Qi standard charging technology and should therefore be able to charge any Qi certified smartphone at 5W. However IHS Markit also expects that (like the Samsung branded charging transmitter), higher power fast wireless charging will also be possible when Airpower is used for charging the compatible Apple iPhone devices.

Samsung’s success with implementing wireless charging over the last 2 years coupled with Apple’s iPhone announcement this week demonstrates that wireless charging technology is clearly achieving mainstream adoption in the mobile phone market and the scope of its application is expected to quickly follow suit in other applications.

IHS Markit continues to cover the wireless power industry with the in-depth Wireless Power Market Tracker.  For more details on this product, please contact us.

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