Mobile Messaging and Social Video App Strategies Report

August 29, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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In a 2016 study of consumer smartphone behaviour in Europe, IHS Markit found that the vast majority of smartphone owners now regularly consume mobile video. Video’s role on mobile is spreading beyond simply content consumption, with video calls and group video chat, video messaging, and live broadcasting becoming increasingly common. Messaging app platforms – led by the likes of Facebook, Tencent and Line – are increasingly investing to drive mobile video content and communications activity. The rise of all these forms of mobile video presents opportunities and also challenges for a range of industry players.     


  • Video is becoming central to messaging app strategies
  • Live streaming on social platforms
  • Advertising budgets shift to video
  • Investor interest in mobile video-app related deals increases  

In this report:

  • Video strategies by key messaging and social companies
  • Challenges and opportunities

List of tables of charts:

  • Europe 2016: Frequency of watching video on smartphone (%)
  • Europe 2016: Type of video watched in last month (%)
  • World smartphone installed base by region (m)
  • 2016: Smartphone penetration by region (% of population)
  • OTT messaging app MAUs by company (m)
  • Premium live streaming deals by social companies
  • 2016: Mobile ad growth by format (%)
  • Europe: Video share of total online display advertising (%)
  • World: Proportion of advertising revenue by medium (%)
  • Total number of funding deals and disclosed values (USDm)
  • Total number of video-related M&A deals
  • List of select video-related acquisition deals by advertising, social and communications and video companies
  • List of select social platform video-related features by category
  • Availability of video-related features on  select messaging and social companies
  • Video features on Facebook social platforms
  • Facebook social platforms: Monthly active users (MAUm)
  • Facebook: Revenue by category (USDm)
  • Select Snap recent content deals
  • Snapchat: Daily active users (DAUm)
  • Snap: Annual revenue and net income (USDm)
  • Twitter: Monthly active user (MAUm)
  • Twitter: Revenue and net loss (USDm)
  • Twitter: Percentage of total hours of live streaming content by genre (%)
  • Twitter’s live streaming partners
  • Select Line TV partnerships in Thailand
  • Line: Monthly active users in top four countries (m)
  • Line: Revenue by category (JPYbn)
  • Line: Proportion of revenue by geography (%)
  • KakaoTalk: Monthly active users (MAUm)
  • Kakao: Revenue by category (KRWm)
  • List of Kakao Family App
  • Tencent: Monthly active users by social platforms (m)
  • Tencent: Revenue by category (CNYm)
  • List of Tencent service

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Number of tables and charts: 34


Jack Kent

Director, Media and Advertising

Jack Kent leads IHS Markit’s Media and Advertising research, heading up a team of analysts covering Games, Cinema, TV Channels & Programming, Home Entertainment and Advertising research.

Jun Wen Woo

Senior Research Analyst, Online Video

Jun Wen Woo is a senior research analyst for Online Video at Omdia.

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