High performance industrial inertial sensors - 2017

August 16, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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This is an exciting time for inertial sensors. High performance MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial measurement units (IMU) are now much more in demand as a result of growth in new markets for autonomous vehicles and robots, driven in part by the new currency (data) and realized through surveying on land, sea, and in the air, or by a need for precision information in dead reckoning applications.

Whether aiding navigation, measuring position, vibration or for stabilization, such sensors are needed to serve requirements of new areas as diverse as autonomous driving passenger cars, trucks, mining vehicles, and a number of other self-driving vehicles and drones serving agriculture, warehouse logistics, and factory assistance robots. Meanwhile, vibration-based condition monitoring via data modelling is emerging as an essential value add in the world of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and factory automation.

This report covers the applications, specification requirements and sensing prices, along with supplier profiles of major players supporting this class of sensor today. Technology is also taken into account, as new lower cost MEMS accelerometers open new vistas compared to incumbent piezoelectric sensors, for example. Specifically, gyroscopes with a raw bias stability signal down to 0.01°/h used as base components for IMUs along with performance accelerometers serve as the focus of the study. Markets, pricing, and sensor specifications are captured in an associated database.  

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