MEMS for Consumer & Mobile Database - 2017

February 28, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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The MEMS for Consumer & Mobile MEMS Database measures revenue for first-level packaged components, ASPs, units, market share and the top mobile and consumer MEMS suppliers. Providing worldwide coverage for MEMS sensors such as those found in accelerometers, gyroscopes, RF MEMS switches, as well as silicon and quartz-based technologies, the market tracker provides 5-year annual, and 2-year rolling half-year reports.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Which MEMS sensors will be successful in cellphones in the upcoming years? What prospects are in store for accelerometers, gyroscopes, and pressure sensors?
  • What trends can be expected on multi-sensor integration? Will Inertial Measurement Units enter consumer products?
  • What real opportunities exist for RF MEMS? Will FBAR continue to grow? Will MEMS switches finally enter phones? Do MEMS oscillators have a chance against quartz?
  • What is the share of market for each MEMS sensor product and application?

Applicable To

  • MEMS Component Manufacturers: Marketing, Executives
  • ODMs: Manufacturers of cellphones, game controllers, PNDs, DSCs: Procurement, R&D and sensor integration
  • MEMS Foundries: Marketing
  • Equipment for MEMS, ASIC and Semiconductor Manufacturers, Packaging and Testing
  • Sales, Marketing

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