Handsets & Smartphones Market Monitor Q3 2016: Market leaders Samsung and Apple face challenges

December 21, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Gerrit Schneemann Gerrit Schneemann Senior Analyst, Smartphones
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The cooling trend which emerged from the second half of 2015 continued to this quarter. The two biggest players, Samsung and Apple, have both stumbled. The two tech giants take up 29% of the global smartphone shipments, down from 33% in the same quarter last year. This Handsets & Smartphones Market Monitor report examines the results of Q3 and examines the major trends in the handset and smartphone market.


  • Samsung halted the sales of its latest flagship Note 7 due to battery deficiencies. Its handset shipments suffered a 15.2% negative growth year on year.
  • Apple also suffered a negative growth in both shipments and revenue, but it remains the biggest player in terms of revenue market share.
  • Other OEMs which have experiencing negative growth this quarter include Microsoft, ZTE, LG, Lenovo, Micromax, Sony, HTC, TCL-Alcatel, Xiaomi, Coolpad and Blackberry.
  • Among the major brands, only Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, LeEco and Gionee - all China-headquartered, have seen a positive growth in Q3.
  • For this quarter Android 6.0 (Mashmallow) dominates the newly luanched Android devices

List of Tables and Charts:

  • Handset revenue by OEM
  • Handset shipments by OEM
  • Smartphone percentage of shipments
  • Feature phone market share
  • Samsung quarterly handset shipment
  • Samsung market share
  • Samsung average selling price
  • Apple quarterly growth
  • Apple quarterly handset shipment and market share
  • iPhone's share of Apple total revenue
  • Smartphone shipments of Huawei, OPPO and Vivo
  • Year-on-year growth of Huawei, OPPO and Vivo
  • Collective smartphone market share of major Chinese OEMs
  • Year-on-year growth of Major Chinese OEMs
  • Share of branded Chinese smartphone shipments
  • Smartphone shipments of LG, Sony and HTC
  • Micromax shipments
  • Android OS version at launch
  • Screen sizes of launched devices
  • Screen size of launched devices

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Gerrit Schneemann

Senior Analyst, Smartphones

Gerrit Schneemann has followed the global handset market for more than a decade, as part of the Omdia team covering smartphones.

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