The IHS Markit advantage: complete ecosystem knowledge combined with an unparalleled view of key vertical markets. 
IHS Markit’s unique breadth and depth of industry research allows for the most complete analysis of the vast IoT landscape, providing expert coverage of key vertical markets and technologies.  

Vertical IoT Expertise Research Packages are an easy and cost-effective way to have an unbiased holistic view, with a detailed focus on what matters most to your business.



The Evolving IoT

IHS Markit offers the most comprehensive insights and analysis of the IoT evolution, leveraging its broad expertise in semiconductor markets, electronic devices and media and services.

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Choose from 1 foundation package and 5 verticals:


IoT Connectivity


IoT Vertical Markets

Personal IoT


Connected &
Smart Home IoT


Industrial IoT


Smart Buildings IoT


Smart Cities IoT



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