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Netflix pursues Polish market

August 12, 2016  | Subscribers Only

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Netflix has introduced local pricing in Poland. Previously available for €7.99, €9.99 or €11.99 a month, it is now respectively priced at PLN 34, PLN 43 and PLN 52. 

It has presently made the interface available in Polish language.

In Turkey and Poland, the inernational service is now actively adding localised conent (with subtitles and dubbing), and promotes the service with the help of marketing campagins within the respective countries.

Our analysis

Localising the interface should in theory be the first, and most important, step in reshaping any service for a new market. Netflix is choosing which markets  to concentrate on based on the level of local response to its January 2016 launch in 130 new territories. In total, Netflix’s interface is currently available in 15 different languages, while part of its catalogue of TV programmes and films has been translated into 38 different languages.  

Pricing has so far been reworked in Poland but not in Turkey. The pace of localisation of content in Poland has also far exceeded that in Turkey, indicating that Netflix is prioritising Poland. In value terms the price for Netflix in Poland has stayed the same, the basic subscription priced at PLN 34 is worth €7.97 at current exchange rate. Pricing in local currency serves to eliminate exchange rate volatility and make payment more straight forward for local customers as well as emphasising the local nature of the offering.

Netflix has by this point significantly broadened its localised content offering in Poland. It has already dubbed most of its original content into Polish; including House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Making a Murderer. None of these series are available in Turkish, Russian, Korean, or Arabic languages for example. Polish subtitles are available for the larger part of the total library.

IHS research indicates that Netflix has so far failed to attract a significant customer base in Poland, having been restricted by the lack of localised content and high prices (by local standards). IHS forecasts 155,000 Netflix subscribers in Poland by the end of this year, with the current and planned localisation efforts taken into account. The majority of online video consumption in the country takes place through platforms operated by the three biggest broadcasters (TVN, TVP, and Cyfrowy Polsat). and, the online video services from TVN and Cryfrowy Polsat respectively, are both priced at PLN 10 (€2.35) per month for packages containing a competitive selection of films and series, as well as live channels.

The take-up of Netflix will now depend on how soon the company can translate the rest of its library, and its efforts to supplement the existing catalogue of content to better appeal to the local market and justify the price.

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