Competition intensifies in Japan’s already crowded online video market

May 25, 2016  | Subscribers Only

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Japan's paid-for digital video market, which includes both subscription (SVoD) and transactional (TVoD) business models, grew by 49% in 2015, generating consumer level revenues of JPY 50.6 billion (USD 418 million). The growth is being driven by new international and local digital video service launches and by positive developments in the underlying economy.

However, the adoption of online video has been slower in Japan than in other developed countries. The main reason for this is the continuing strength of physical video consumption in the Japanese market. Physical rental, in particular, generates a high percentage of home entertainment spending. 


  • Japan's paid-for digital video market is growing
  • Key players in the market
  • Consumers are more willing to pay for renting international movie content in transactional business model

In this report:

  • Japan broadband household penetration
  • Macroeconomic trends in Japan
  • Paid-for online video trends
  • Company profiles

List of Tables and Charts:

  • Japan: paid-for online video revenues, 2010-2015 (JPYbn)
  • Japan: broadband households vs broadband households penetration, 2010-2020
  • Japan: real GDP and consumer spending trends,2010-2020
  • Unemployment rate trends by country,2010-2020 (%)
  • Japan: revenue of digital video by service type, 2014-2016 (JPYbn)
  • Japan: paid-for online video revenues, 2010-2020 (JPYbn)

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Irina Kornilova

Manager, Research and Analysis, Broadband Media

Irina Kornilova is a Research & Analysis Manager, Channels, Programing & Online Video at Omdia.

Jun Wen Woo

Senior Research Analyst, Online Video

Jun Wen Woo is a senior research analyst for Online Video at Omdia.

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