State of the US pay TV market Q4 2015 & FY 2015: Cord-cutting intensifies - Over 1m pay TV subscribers lost in 2015

May 06, 2016  | Subscribers Only

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Pay TV saw its worst yearly loss in video subscribers ever, losing an organic 1.026 million video subscribers in 2015, substantially more than the 178,420 lost in 2014. Losses at IPTV, coupled with cord-cutting and cord-nevers continue to have a significant impact on pay TV. In Q4 2015, there was an organic gain of 500 pay TV subscribers, a far cry from the 69,760 gained in Q4 2014. IPTV gains turned negative for the second straight quarter due to the maturity at Verizon, and AT&T’s shift in focus from U-verse to DirecTV.

In this report:

  • Operators - Key developments Q4 2015
  • Operators - Key developments Q4 2015 (continued)
  • Programmers - Key developments 2015
  • Programmers - Key developments 2015 (continued)
  • The economy is up, while pay TV is flat
  • IPTV losses drive lower pay TV penetration in 2015
  • Cable gains continue in Q4 2015
  • Video revenue growth in spite of declining subscribers
  • Operators providing alternatives to traditional pay TV services
  • Pay TV packages and focus
  • The US pay TV market
  • Comcast, TWC victories continue to drive cable success
  • Video and broadband gains boost RGUs
  • Growth in ARPU driven by video and broadband
  • Satellite players continue the trend of yearly loss
  • Regardless of loss, satellite revenue grows
  • IPTV losses widen as AT&T embraces DirecTV
  • AT&T growth doesn’t affect IPTV revenue
  • Fully-penetrated cable networks see declines in 2015
  • Sports continues to generate huge revenues

LIst of tables and charts:

  • Housing starts by type (m)
  • Real GDP per capita per year
  • Entertainment and recreation spending per household per year
  • TV Households, Pay TV Subscribers and Penetration
  • US TV household composition - Q3 2015
  • Quarterly video subscriber adds by platform
  • Pay TV Video ARPU (Monthly)
  • Growth in non-pay TV households
  • Pay TV Revenues and Blended ARPUs
  • Operators providing alternatives to traditional pay TV services
  • Pay TV packages and focus
  • Pay TV homes and penetration
  • Pay TV Revenue and ARPU
  • Cable quarterly subscriber additions by pipeline (000s)
  • Cable quarterly net basic video subscriber additions
  • Cable homes and RGUs
  • Cable yearly net HSD subscriber additions
  • Cable revenues and blended ARPUs
  • Advanced subscriber penetration - Q4 2015
  • Satellite TV subscribers and growth
  • Satellite Revenue and blended ARPU
  • IPTV video subscribers and growth
  • IPTV quarterly net subscriber additions
  • IPTV revenue and blended ARPU

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Number of tables and charts: 24


Erik Brannon

Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms

Mr. Erik Brannon, the associate director of research and analysis at IHS Markit, specializes in pay-TV operators and channels.

Harold Vargas

Senior Analyst, Television Media

Harold Vargas is a member of the US media team that is responsible for coverage of U.S. pay-TV operators and television content owning media conglomerates.

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