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Decline for US physical rental spending continues in 2015 with fewer kiosks

April 14, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Laura Aguilera Laura Aguilera Senior Research Analyst, Service Providers & Platforms

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Total US video rental spending in 2015 was $3.3 billion, down 10% from $3.7 billion in 2014. That comes as rental transactions declined 19% from 1.5 billion transactions in 2014 to 1.2 billion by year end 2015. This marks the largest decline in transactions relative to revenue generated recorded by the US video rental market. Average rental rate (after tax) increased to $2.90, up 30 cents from 2014.

Unlike previous years’ declines this was not a result of the brick and mortar sector which, whilst still declining was more stable in 2015. The traditional store based rental sector declined at a much slower rate of 10% in spending and transactions during 2015, compared to an average annual decline of 30% between 2011 and 2014. 

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