Low Voltage Motors Report - 2016

Edition Year: 2016-2017

July 15, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Preston Reine Preston Reine Research Manager, Industrial Technology, IHS Markit
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This report is the seventh dedicated analysis by IHS on the world market for low-voltage (LV) integral horsepower (IHP) motors sold into industrial applications. The global market for LV motors includes motors of 1HP/0.75kW and above, with a voltage rating of less than or equal to 690V. This includes AC induction motors, direct current (DC) motors, and specialized motors that lie outside of efficiency class regulations.

IHS also publishes annual reports covering related product markets, such as those of medium-voltage motors and variable speed drives. Given the association between these products, the analyst researching this report chose to share similar scope and market segmentations, thus enabling the various pieces of research to be used in tandem.

The objective of IHS in producing this report is to provide manufacturers interested in the world market for LV motors with detailed information on the current and future performance of this market. The primary objective of this research is to provide an accurate assessment of this market’s performance in the base year 2015. The secondary objective of this research is to provide a clear assessment of how the market is expected to perform through 2020 in light of the recent slowdown in the Chinese motor market and economic woes of the European economy due to the sovereign debt crisis. Less focus is given to the technical aspects of the products. A number of key objectives were defined prior to commencing research for this report. These were:

  • To compile market growth estimates for the global LV motor market in 2015 in terms of both dollar revenues and unit shipments
  • To analyze revenues and unit growth in the major geographic regions where LV motors are sold
  • To analyze the performance of major industry sectors for LV motors and to forecast their respective growth profiles
  • To segment the LV motor market by a number of technical specifications, such as energy efficiency class, application, machine and end-user sectors, enclosure type and power rating, to determine the proportion of the market within each segment and to estimate each segment’s associated growth trends
  • To use credible economic indicators to project a five-year growth scenario with clear justification
  • To accurately assess the market shares of the major manufacturers of LV motors
  • To identify and analyze the impact of key market trends on the various product markets

Preston Reine

Research Manager, Industrial Technology, IHS Markit

Preston Reine is a group manager in the Industrial Technology team at IHS Markit.

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