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February 23, 2016  | Subscribers Only

Tim Westcott Tim Westcott Director, Research and Analysis, Programming
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The BBC is to close one of its main linear TV channels to move it online: this is partly a cost-cutting measure, but also one that recognises that one of the world's most venerable broadcasters has to follow part of its audience online. The organisation's peers around the world are facing similar tough choices, but IHS believes that fears the sector is facing an existential threat are overstated. 


  • The BBC's financial settlement and Charter review
  • A comparison of public broadcaster funding in 45 countries, including revenue per capita and forecasts to 2020
  • A detailed comparison of the BBC and its peers in France, Germany and Italy 

List of tables and charts:

  • Public revenues (€bn) 2010-2020
  • Forecast growth in public revenue 2015-2020 (%, local)
  • Public revenue per capita, 2015 (€)
  • Public broadcaster TV services
  • Average annual viewing share of flagship public channels 1996-2015
  • France Télévisions Group annual revenue breakdown (€m)
  • Rai annual revenue breakdown (€m)
  • ARD annual revenue breakdown (€m)
  • ZDF annual revenue breakdown (€m)
  • BBC annual revenue breakdown (£m)
  • Public broadcaster operating costs indexed to 2009
  • BBC licence fee revenue compared to ITV and C4 net ad revenue (2000-2014)
  • Europe big five: public broadcaster sports rights
  • Online services: comparison of European public broadcasters
  • Public broadcasters ranked by 2015 revenue €m

Number of pages: 15

Number of tables and charts: 15

Tim Westcott

Director, Research and Analysis, Programming

Tim Westcott is a director of research and analysis for Programming at Omdia.

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