Major Home Appliance Market Report - 2017

December 22, 2017  | Subscribers Only

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The global major home appliance (white-goods) market estimated to be nearly 640 million units in 2016 is forecast to reach 850 million units in 2021. or 35% of the total home appliance market. Major home appliance market segment, constituting more than 35% share of total home appliance market, comprises of variety of devices including home laundry appliances, dishwashing appliances, refrigeration appliances, large cooking appliances. Plus, we have also categorized microwave ovens and room air conditioners also into major home appliance market segment.

The aim of this research report is to access the current state of the worldwide major home appliance market and to forecast the future trends in this industry sector. This research offers a deep dive analysis of major home appliances market across 23 individual countries/sub regions. It also analyses the adoption of various technology segments such as smart connectivity, electronic displays, touch control, induction cooking, inverterization (using variable speed drive - VSD motors) into the market providing in-depth analysis, statistics and forecast to highlight electronic design trends including semiconductor content.

In the major appliance report:

Worldwide market size estimates for year 2016 and five year annual forecast from 2017 through 2021 for each of 10 major home appliances reported by 23 major countries. The analysis also includes historic data from 2010 to 2015. The delivery consists of Output Table (Excel format) as well as Topline report (PDF format). This 8th edition of the report on major home appliance market, which is now published every year, is part of the IHS Markit ‘Home Appliance Intelligence Service’.

List of tables, charts and analysis:

·        World market for major home appliances – by product category

·        World market for major home appliances (penetration rate, installed base, unit shipments – appliance type by region

·        World market for electronic displays  (LED, LCD, LCD Touch) by appliance type and by display type

·        World market for touch control by appliance type

·        World market for inverter-based variable speed control (VSD motors) by appliance type

·        World motor market by appliance type and by motor type *new*

·        World sensor market by appliances type and by sensor type *new*

·        World market for induction cooker-tops – large induction and small induction (induction table-tops)

·        World market for smart connected major home appliances by appliance type

·        World semiconductor market by appliance type and by semiconductor type

·        Global market share estimates for 2015 and 2016 - Total major home appliance market and by each appliance type.

·        Number of households by countries

·        GDP growth across region and key countries/markets

·        Average replacement period of major home appliances across market by each appliance type

·        Country/sub-region summaries for each of 23 reporting units 


Topline PDF report would be published in end of October 2017.

Horse Liu

Principal Analyst, Table & Notebook PC

Mr.Horse Liu is responsible for tablet and notebook PC research in China.

Dinesh Kithany

Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply

Dinesh Kithany is a senior principal analyst working in Smart Building, Home and Cities Technology team at Omdia in the U.K.

Noman Akhtar

Analyst, Industrial Semiconductors and Sensors

Noman Akhtar, a research analyst at Omdia, focuses on the industrial market dynamics of semiconductors and sensor.

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