Semiconductor Share & Handset OEMs Report - 2015

November 06, 2015  | Subscribers Only

Wayne Lam Wayne Lam Principal Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks
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For component suppliers and handset OEMs alike, 2014 marked another year of maturation of the 4G LTE smartphone market. China’s impact on this progress was evident as over 90 million LTE handsets were shipped in the country during the first full year of commercially available LTE networks. As such, Chinese OEMs with both global and domestic focus increased their market presence. Also, the supplier base for LTE chipsets began to diversify as the smartphone market matures and demand grew for low-cost LTE designs. Any pent-up tension resulting from a component market controlled by a single supplier for years was relieved as Marvell and MediaTek began to encroach on Qualcomm’s LTE dominance. Some OEMs, such as Samsung and Huawei, have begun to turn more widely to internally developed LTE solutions, providing both a solution to overreliance on a single supplier and increased competition. 

This report is intended to provide insight into the relationships between major mobile handset brands and the semiconductor suppliers from which they purchase. Areas covered include original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier air interface characteristics, supplier market share among top handset OEMs, supplier and OEM relationship developments over the past year, trends in handset semiconductor content, and near term market outlook. The accompanying database includes revenue market share of top suppliers among the leading handset OEMs.

Executive summary

Findings and implications

Leading mobile handset IC vendors

Merger and acquisition activity

Handset OEMs

Stand-alone application processors

Application processor suppliers


WLAN IC Suppliers

Handset OEM WLAN IC relationships

Digital Baseband

Mod+AP suppliers

Mod+AP OEM relationships

Stand-alone Digital Baseband (thin modems)

Thin Modem OEM Relationships

Power Management (PMIC) and Analog Baseband (ABB)

Power Management (PMIC) and Analog Baseband Suppliers

Power Management (PMIC) and Analog Baseband OEM relationships

RF Transceivers

RF Transceiver suppliers

OEM RF Transceiver relationships

Power amplifiers

Power amplifier suppliers

Power amplifier OEM relationships

Looking forward

Methodology and definitions 

Wayne Lam

Principal Analyst, Mobile Devices & Networks

Wayne Lam is principal analyst within the wireless communications team and is responsible for research related to the market tracking, forecast and supply chain analysis of mobilized devices.

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