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Consumption and Consumer Spending on physical discs continue to decline due to both macro-economic factors and competition from digital platforms

September 24, 2015  | Subscribers Only

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This report is an overview of the market for home video in Switzerland. Based on an examination of infrastructure and general economic conditions, it outlines the major trends taking place in 2014 for the three main home video distribution platforms (physical, TV-based VoD, and digital) and addresses how consumption and spending on movie and television content is poised to develop in the near term. 

Switzerland has a very small domestic market of 8.2 million inhabitants which made-up 3.5 households at year end 2014. Although the average Swiss consumer can be classified as affluent —IHS Economics and Country Risk places Switzerland 6th globally in terms of GDP Per Capita ($)—the market fragmentation that comes with four official languages, presents challenges in terms of economics of scale and necessitates that many Swiss companies export their goods and services.


Discussion of the home video market in Switzerland (both physical and digital) looking at the development of distribution platforms and a wider economic context.

In this report:

Outlines key trends in the consumption of home video in Switzerland in relations to the GAS region and Western Europe.

List of tables and charts:

  • Total Physical Disc Retail Transactions
  • Installed Base for On Demand Households
  • Consumer Spending on Transactional TV-Based VoD
  • Average Blu-ray Disc Price
  • Switzerland: Domestic vs. Import Physical Disc Volumes
  • Switzerland vs. Austria: Over-the-Top Digital Retail and Rental Transactions
  • Switzerland: Total Cross-Sector Consumer Spending

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Number of charts and tables: 7

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