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September 04, 2015  | Subscribers Only

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The media web services workbook looks at the market for third-party provision of extended online video platform (OVP) services, cloud computing, monetization, analytics and content personalisation in the media industry. As companies are aiming to expand their customers’ base and capacity with lower infrastructure cost (CapEx) and in an efficiency manner, more media businesses are transitioning to the web-based technologies rapidly (OpEx).

The web services data includes revenues for segments: CMS, monetization (including advanced analytics, billing services, and ad insertion), discovery (including search and recommendation engines, metadata, UI design) and other web services (hosting, computing, web performance improvement, transcoding, security and resource tracking services, post-production).


Media web services’ revenue will increase 22% in 2015 to over $10bn, up from $8.5bn in 2014. In the short period, we expect sustained growth, especially as companies shift to web-based technologies. Monetization and other web services will expand quickest; much of this growth will come from advanced markets such as North America and Western Europe, where the demand for media web services is increasing. In the long run, all segments in web media services will undergo significant growth. IHS expects media web services’ total revenue to nearly double by 2020 with a 12.7% CAGR from 2015 to 2020, reaching $18.7bn.

  • Media Web Services Revenue - Definitions
  • Media Web Services market overview - by Industry, Region and Top-10 Vendors
  • Regional revenue for CMS (2007-2020)
  • Regional revenue Monetization (2007-2020)
  • Global revenue for Discovery (2007-2020)
  • Global revenue for Other Web Services (2007-2020)
  • Key vendor revenues for CMS, monetization, discovery and other web services (2007-2014)
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