Smartphone OEMs will dominate the smartwatch market

July 10, 2015  | Subscribers Only

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This report looks at smartphone OEMs’ approaches to the nascent smartwatch market. Strategies vary from brand specific, such as Apple and Samsung, to platform agnostic, such as Microsoft. Smartwatch shipments are expected to gain mainstream traction in 2015 and continue growing to over 100 million shipments by 2020. However, until smartwatches incorporate cellular capabilities for a standalone internet connection, they will remain a smartphone accessory. Their success hinges on the smartphone industry and how it evolves.


Smartphone makers exploit scale to move into smartwatches. By 2020, Samsung and Apple will be the two largest smartphone OEMs making up 47% of all smartwatch shipments.
Over 80% of smartwatch shipments between 2015-2020 will come from smartphone OEMs, as they maintain their early dominance.
iPhone compatibility is still important enough for some smartwatch OEMs to shun Android Wear in favour of a compatible OS.

In this report:

  • Smartphone market shares will determine smartwatch success     
  • Android Wear provides little room for differentiation
  • Smartphone makers have become smartwatch leaders
  • Sony focuses on simplicity and hardware customisation     
  • Samsung puts its weight behind Tizen, minimal involvement in Android Wear
  • LG takes the lead with Android Wear
  • Motorola extends MotoMaker customisation to smartwatches
  • Apple expands its iPhone ecosystem into wearables
  • HTC partners UnderArmour for fitness focus
  • Alcatel OneTouch goes its own way to ensure iOS compatibility
  • Microsoft Band: A activity tracker with smartphone-like UX

Tables and Charts

  • Smartwatch market share by OEM
  • Smartwatch shipments by OEM
  • Smartwatch shipments by OS
  • Android Wear smartwatch shipment forecast
  • Sony smartwatch shipments forecast and market share
  • Samsung smartwatch shipments
  • LG smartwatch shipments
  • Motorola smartwatch shipments
  • iOS apps with Apple Watch functionality
  • Apple Watch shipments forecast
  • HTC: 2020 shipments share forecast
  • Alcatel OneTouch smartwatch shipment
  • Microsoft: 2020 shipments share forecast

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Number of charts and tables: 12

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