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July 02, 2015  | Subscribers Only

Sanju Khatri Sanju Khatri Director, Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services
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The digital signage industry is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the world, with many companies employing this “place-based media” to relay pertinent information at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience.  Digital signage displays are used by retail stores, restaurants, hotels, corporate entities, and public transportation, to name a few, show programming, advertising, information, or other relevant content with a common objective of delivering targeted messages. 

The IHS Digital Signage Industry Market Tracker presents data devoted to the DS Monitor and DS TV markets, measuring growth rates (units, revenue, and pricing) for different display technologies, including LCD, PDP, LED Video, Front and Rear Projection, Media Players, Set-top Boxes, and PCs in eight vertical markets.  Among these verticals, IHS offers insights to shipment and revenue data that reveals which segments are utilizing digital signage to target customers, generate sales uplift, and promote brand identity.  This tracker also captures a snapshot of displays by region, revealing the largest markets for various display technologies, but also shows countries poised for expected growth where the digital signage industry is still emerging.  Also provided are growth rates for premise-based software and software as a service, in addition to market share for networked software supples. Revenue for hardware, other services, and advertising in digital signage are also included. 

Sanju Khatri

Director, Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services

Sanju has directed IHS’ worldwide research into the technologies and markets for digital signage and professional displays since 2001, becoming one of the industry’s leading authorities in the field of digital signage.

Digital Signage
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