Large Area Display Cost Model

May 13, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Tadashi Uno Tadashi Uno Senior Analyst
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Understand cost drivers for large-area panels used in LCD TVs, monitors and notebook PCs.

The Large Area Display Cost Model covers large-area (9-inch+) displays for major applications: LCD TV, monitors, and notebook PC.

Delivered in Excel format, the model helps you understand the cost structure, outlook and profitability of each mainstream panel. Use the model to generate forecasts based on your data and assumptions or by choosing the model’s standard selections for many typical panels. The typical selection sheet is easy to work with because you can change the starting conditions affecting panel cost, such as equipment depreciation year, and click on the sheet’s “Process Start” button. You can also change parameters, such as component costs, panel prices, panel yield and fab utilization to reflect real panel condition. 

A PowerPoint report accompanies the model and includes an analysis of the cost structure of mainstream panels. Together, both resources offer critical intelligence on current and future large display costs for manufacturers, FPD panel suppliers and the investment community.

Key issues addressed:

  • The latest LCD panel cost and the profit margin trend and forecast by size by fab generation
  • Analysis of which fab generation is better for lowering panel costs
  • Estimated panel cost forecast for buyers
  • Typical first-tier panel costs and component breakdowns
  • Profitable application and panel sizes

Tadashi Uno

Senior Analyst

Tadashi Uno is a Senior Analyst within Omdia. He joined in November 2014, when Omdia acquired DisplaySearch, a leader in primary research and forecasting on the global display market. At DisplaySearch, he served as director of materials and components.

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