Top Critical Communications Trends for 2015

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As the Critical Communications market is opening up to an increased range of new and innovative digital solutions, you can stay on top of the trends with the new IHS white paper “Top Critical Communications Trends for 2015”, where we examine what’s in store for LMR as digital technology takes a long-awaited foothold in the market.

This year will mark a milestone for the global licensed mobile radio (LMR) market. LMR terminal shipments of digital technologies in 2015 will outstrip analog shipments for the first time, heralding the digital future of the LMR industry. IHS projects that approximately 65 percent of LMR terminal shipments will be digital by 2018 as the market is opening up to an increased range of digital solutions, given the long-accepted premise that analog has reached the limits of innovation.

High-end technologies such as TETRA, P25 and TETRAPOL have been crucial in driving the transition to digital and already have a large share of the market at present, most notably as the technologies of choice for the public safety and security (PSS) sector. To be sure, the large-scale deployments of TETRA in Europe and of P25 in North America are working to pull the market toward a digital future. In the developed countries of Europe, in particular, nationwide networks (TETRA, for example) are being rolled out, accelerating the transition to digital in these countries. And while traditionally geared to PSS usage, the netorks are also beginning to expand to users outside the PSS sector, especially in the utilities and transportation martkets.




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