Digital Music: The Second Wave

February 11, 2015  | Subscribers Only

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TThe business of recorded music in Western markets is currently undergoing two simultaneous tectonic shifts. First, the transition from physical distribution to digital is still very much on-going. Second, the digital music business itself is transitioning into its second major phase, shifting from a purchase model to ‘access’ models that encompass subscription and advertising-funded services.

This report looks at the key trends and drivers in this doubly shifting market and how those trends are panning out in different regions. Including the impact of on-demand services and personalized radio offers on sales (both physical and digital); and the potential of data driven advertising to drive incremental revenue.



  • Size of the recorded music business by business model in the Western World including historical data and forecasts to 2018
  • Assessment of the impact of on-demand services and personalized radio on sales
  • Analysis of the key underlying trends in devices and technology that are changing the fact of music consumption
  • Identification of major growth opportunities for digital music, particularly for the USA  

           Table and Charts:

  • Share of Consumer Revenue & NAR from Recorded Music by Business Model
  • Music unit sales by type
  • Digital Album Equivilent sales per Capita
  • Physical album equivalent sales per Capita
  • On-demand audio streams per Capita
  • Growth in Digital sales per Capita
  • Growth in Physical sales per Capita
  • 2007: Personal media players vs full track music sales
  • Smartphones Penetration vs. Smartphone App revenues per smartphone
  • Music revenues by business model (Western World)
  • Music revenues by business model (USA, UK, Canada)

No of pages: 13

No of tabel and charts:12

Canada Germany Sweden UK USA
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