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2014 digital data available in Cinema Intelligence

February 05, 2015

Xin Zhang Xin Zhang Senior Research Analyst, Cinema
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IHS has now added data for digital and 3D screen totals as at 2014 year end for all territories and regions tracked by Cinema Intelligence.

According to IHS Cinema Intelligence, the global d-cinema penetration of the total screen footprint now stands at 89.8 per cent to reach 127,688 screens, which marked a 14.7 per cent increase from the revised total of 111,328 at end 2013. Approximately 16,360 d-screen units were converted in 2014, of which 11,902 were 3D screens. Asia Pacific recorded the largest net digital screen increase (9,008) of conversions followed by South and Central America (2,327), both the areas that were lagging behind in 2013 and have recovered quickly.

As at 2014, the d-cinema penetration in West Europe achieved 96.0 per cent, reaching the same level as North America (96.0 per cent) for the first time. South and Central American speeded up their digital deployment process in 2014; 86.4 per cent of their cinema screens were digitised. C&E Europe and Asia Pacific (not including e-cinema screens in India) have the same d-cinema penetration of 83.3 per cent in 2014, followed by 79.5 per cent in Africa Middle East. The world’s digital conversion is now one step closer to the finish line.

Territories with the highest net digital screen growth during 2014 were China, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Italy, and Turkey.

A total of 11,902 3D screens were installed in 2014, representing 72.7 per cent of the total digital screens converted. Territories with the highest number of net 3D screens installed were China, USA, Mexico, Russia and Brazil.

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