Top Access Control Trends for 2015

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IHS Technology releases new white paper—Top Access Control Trends for 2015
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2014 proved to be a busy year for the access control industry which brought an abundance of innovation and change, with some suppliers even challenging our perception of security. Does security require components and solutions to work independently and remain isolated from other applications or should security entertain the idea of an open ecosystem of devices interacting to paint a clearer picture of an environment? In 2014, the access control industry begun to rapidly embrace IT and other more convenience-based solutions more so than in any year prior. Mobile devices and remote management dominated industry news with the residential, hotel and education verticals spearheading the movement.  These changes will impact all facets of the access control industry as IT becomes more influential. 

Subsequently in 2015, IHS expects a continuation and implementation of the trends from 2014, notably with more focus on software, Bluetooth Smart with wearables and wireless locks, especially in smart home applications – all of which are just a few of the trends discussed in the attached presentation on the top access control trends for 2015.  


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