The market for Premium Large Format (PLF) cinema

September 12, 2014  | Subscribers Only

Charlotte Jones Charlotte Jones Associate Director/Principal Analyst, Cinema, OMDIA
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Premium large format screens are now a core part of exhibitors’ strategy to reinvigorate the cinema experience and drive admissions towards higher priced tickets. This report examines the market for premium large format cinema including a detailed analysis of new brands, screens and revenue generated.


  • North America was the most active PLF market accounting for 49.1% of total PLF screens worldwide
  • Exhibitor PLF screens now outnumber Imax digital for the first time in North America in H1 2014
  • Top ten markets account for 90% of all exhibitor PLF screens
  • China is the second largest exhibitor PLF market, behind the USA
  • PLF accounted for around one quarter of total 3D box office revenues in North America in 2013

In this report:

  • Exhibitors ranked by provision of PLF screens to total
  • Leading circuits by number of PLF screens
  • Territories ranked by total PLF as proportion of digital 3d
  • Leading territories by type of PLF screens
  • Exhibitor PLF screens as a proportion of total commitment to premium large format
  • PLF screens by region H1 2013
  • Development of PLF screens in North America 2010 to H1 2014
  • Average number of PLF screens by region by exhibitor
  • Regional split of PLF screens by type
  • Split of box office per film by premium format
  • Split of 3D box office share by premium format by title
  • Full listing of exhibitor branded PLF screens by circuit

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Charlotte Jones

Associate Director/Principal Analyst, Cinema, OMDIA

Charlotte is an Associate Director at OMDIA, focusing on the global cinema business and an expert on digital and technology market trends.

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