MV Drives Analyst Insight - MV Drives Relationship to MV Motors - June 2014

June 30, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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In 2014, IHS has made further efforts to quantify the relationship between MV drives and motors. For several years, IHS has presented statistics on voltage and power ratings, which provide data on the inputs for the MV motors; these topics are well understood and statistics on these relationships are available in the Excel files and the online database (Trax). This year two new analyses have been introduced to understand what type of motors MV drives are attached to MV drives by installation type and by motor type.

This section describes three ways in which MV drives can be sold and attached to a motor: MV drives can be sold and attached to existing motors, new motors, and those sold as a package (MV drive and motor combinations).

The market for the sale of MV drives to new and existing motors is divided into three categories:

  • Existing Motors: this is the retrofit market, defined as the market opportunity for MV drive units sold and installed onto existing MV motors.
  • New Motors: the global market opportunity for MV drives that are sold as a drive only and eventually paired with another supplier’s new MV motor.
  • New Motor and Drive Combination: the global market opportunity for an MV drive and motor combination from the same supplier.

IHS has also divided up the types of motors that MV drives are installed on into the following categories: induction, synchronous–electromagnetic, and synchronous–permanent magnet. The statistics on MV drives by motor type were collected in questionnaires from suppliers and data is available at both the global level and regional levels through the excel files and Trax service.

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