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March 27, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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This page provides quick access to the different parts of Broadband Media Intelligence subscription service that includes the analysis, reports, insights, and continuously updated market data and forecasts.

Market Data and Forecasts

We provide two ways to access the data included in the service:

  • Interactive visual charting, with Broadband Media TRAX access.
  • Direct quick access to spreadsheet downloads. The spreadsheets are organised by subject, by topic, and by country.

By Subject

Data allows you to compare single subjects across multiple countries

Basic Data - broadband and internet households, connections, and penetration  
IPTV - Internet Protocol Television - IPTV subscribers
Online Movies - online movie consumption and revenue data across all business models
Online Music - online music consumption and revenue data across all business models
Online TV - online TV consumption and revenue data across all business models
Technology - broadband speed, connections by type, and broadband access revenue
Portable Media Players - portable media players sales, users and penetration data

By Topic

Company-level data for the following topics

ISPs Network Operators Online Video Providers

By Country

Western Europe

Central and Eastern Europe

Africa and Middle East

North America


South and Central America

Asia Pacific

Regional Totals


Read the latest analysis of global broadband media market trends.


Our Reports include market data combined with sharp analysis of market drivers, the strategies of industry players, and market trends.


See the latest slides from Broadband Media Intelligence analysts.


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