Argentinean home video lags behind its Latin American neighbours

High import taxes restrict growth of video market, especially Blu-ray Disc (BD)

February 04, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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Much like its Latin American counterparts, Argentina remains a market beleaguered by high levels of counterfeit video piracy. The legitimate market in Argentina is small in comparison to Brazil and Mexico accounting for only a 5% share of total consumer spending across the three territories in 2013; however, the Argentine video market shows resilience, declining at a slower rate than several, more established, video markets in Europe. 


  • DVD in decline, high average price obscures Blu-ray Disc adoption
  • Traditional rental still accounts for half of spending on physical video in Argentina
  • Consumer spending on total video reached ARS$190m in 2013, forecast to drop to ARS$165m by year end

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  • Consumer spending on video by country (US$)
  • Average retail price by format (US$)
  • Consumer spending on video (lcu)


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