YouTube Original Channels in Europe

October 25, 2013  | Subscribers Only

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A year ago, YouTube's content division announced a round of funding for a first batch of 46 original channels in Europe, on the model of the US-based channels already launched in 2011. On the anniversary of the announcement it is possible to compare four quarters of YouTube's published metrics for each of these advance-funded European channels. This allows us to quantify how YouTube's funds have translated into growth, viewer numbers and the metrics of what might be termed channel brand success and viewer loyalty.

  • Tables and charts included:
    • Figure 1: TOP 10 EU Original Channels by views, Sept 2013
    • Figure 2: Top10 EU Original Channels by subs, Sept 2013
    • Figure 3: Two Original Channel growth curves
    • Figure 4: Top US and EU Original Channels (subscriptions)
    • Figure 5: Top US and EU Original Channels (views)
    • Figure 6: 'Views per subscriber': a measure of viewer loyalty
    • Figure 7: Original Channel subscription counts
    • Figure 8: Youtube's OC genres ranked by average views
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  • Tables & charts: 10
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