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Positive trends begin to emerge amid pending consolidation in TV SoC market

September 24, 2013  | Subscribers Only

Randy Lawson Randy Lawson Subject Matter Expert

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As the flat panel TV market has matured over the past 4 years, with growth rates slowing dramatically from 2008 to 2012, TV manufacturers have in vain tried to reinvigorate the market.  New features such as ever thinner bezels and panels, 3D playback and 2D-3D conversion capability have not garnered significant sales gains for most OEMs.  However the growth trend and roadmap for new “Smart” television features that seek to merge more internet content streaming features while also stepping into the downloadable application marketplace, while simultaneously enhancing the user interface with the TV set  is beginning to gain consumer’s attention.

IHS Electronics and Media group is tracking several trends that, along with the move towards Smart TV, hold potential to restart semiconductor growth within the TV and CE semiconductor sectors.  The rise of “4K” or Ultra-HD resolution sets and growing shipments expected of OLED-panel based TV sets that will offer the ultimate in contrast ratio and thinness, as well as conformable panel substrates that allow for new form factors are some of the ongoing trends foreseen within the TV space.  These trends bode well for enhanced image quality and aesthetic designs, and when coupled with the move towards advanced internet connectivity and user interface features from Smart TV platforms, should provide consumers some solid rationale to upgrade from their existing “old” LCD 1080p sets.  Which of these trends provides the most promise and will they be enough to drive growth and change the competitive landscape in the TV Semiconductor market?

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