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May 08, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Len Jelinek Len Jelinek Research Vice President, Components & Devices; Technology Fellow
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Foundries that provide leading-edge manufacturing nodes must continue to invest in technology transitions to separate themselves from technology providers for the semiconductor industry. They must do so in the face of three significant trends. These include the need for faster, more power-efficient advanced components for wireless and IoT applications; the shift of manufacturing expansions to China; and the slowing of the initial high demand that supported automotive and industrial applications. 
The Pure Play Foundry Market Tracker provides information quarterly on the strategies and partnerships of key third-party manufacturers. You receive a detailed five-year revenue, capacity and wafer shipment forecast for pure-play foundry markets worldwide. The tracker includes a thorough examination of the global semiconductor industry, opportunities and risks to the forecast, analysis of company revenue and inventory, as well as IDM manufacturing capacity and utilization.

Key issues addressed: 

  • Where will fabless companies and IDMs find available capacity in the appropriate technology to meet their demands?
  • What M&A are taking place in the found market, and how will they affect suppliers as well as foundry users?
  • How should companies view Chinese foundry suppliers? 
  • What are strategies for key second-tier foundries?

Len Jelinek

Research Vice President, Components & Devices; Technology Fellow

As head of all Components & Devices research, Len Jelinek manages core strategy, personnel, analysis, and commercial planning for the research practice.

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