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March 31, 2020  | Subscribers Only

Myson Robles-Bruce Myson Robles-Bruce Research Manager, Semiconductor Value Chain
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The Application Market Forecast Tool (AMFT)™ provides direct access to the comprehensive forecast database compiled by the Omdia worldwide group of industry experts. The easy-to-use selection menus allow you to quickly extract critical data and perform your own analysis across close to 100 applications equipment markets.

The Application Market Forecast Tool lets you view actual and forecast data by application equipment or by approximately 50 semiconductor device categories. You can create top line market views or drill down into detailed analysis of a specific semiconductor component or application equipment category. The resulting information can support key business initiatives such as:

  •  Identifying markets for entry or exit
  •  Anticipating demand for future production quantities and associated semiconductor costs
  •  Positioning services to target specific markets that offer the greatest revenue or growth opportunity
  •  Ensuring that product mix is aligned with the marketplace

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the relative market growth opportunities in the various application equipment markets?
  • Where should I direct my product development, sales and R&D investments?
  • Are changes in my revenue due to competitive or market dynamics?
  • What types of equipment or support products/services will be demanded in the future?

Applicable To

  • Semiconductor Suppliers: Market Research Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Forecast & Planning Managers
  • EMS Companies: Strategic Planning Managers, Semiconductor Industry Service or Product Support Companies
  • Strategic Marketing Managers

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Myson Robles-Bruce

Research Manager, Semiconductor Value Chain

Myson Robles-Bruce is responsible for the semiconductor application forecasts and market shares products.

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