Forecasting the 4G era's potential for market disruption

December 17, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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The arrival of 4G LTE presents a cyclical opportunity for challenger companies to overturn mobile market leaders because 4G requires: new network infrastructure; new handsets and mobile broadband modems; and opens up new spectrum bands. The 4G opportunity is already with us. There are now 4G networks live in 59 countries. In a number of countries - notably US, Japan and South Korea - a significant minority of consumers are already using 4G services on their smartphones which provides great case studies to understand the future path of 4G in other parts of the world.

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  • Fig 1: Number of 4G LTE commercial networks live by region, end 2012;Fig 2: Live, in trial and planned 4G LTE network deployments by region, end 2012;Fig 3: Forecast global 4G LTE subscriptions and total mobile subscriptions, 2011-2016;Fig 4: Comparison of peak and typical speeds for 3G and 4G networks;Fig 5: 4G LTE subscriptions by country, 2012;Fig 6: US, Japan and South Korea 4G subscriptions and share of total mobile subscriptions, 2012;Fig 7: Forecast share of 4G subscriptions by continent, 2011 - 2016;Fig 8: Forecast 4G subscriptions by continent, 2011 - 2016;Fig 9: Forecast 4G subscriptions by country, 2016

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